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Always fascinated to understand human behaviour, Jon Freeman studied Human Sciences at Oxford University but made a sideways step into technology and computing where he became an applications architect and European IT Director for a market-leading multinational.   Always interested in how to change people and organisations for the better, he has spent almost three decades in change and program management as a consultant  to some of the UK’s largest businesses.  He has deep understanding of the systemic aspects of personal and organisational change.

In parallel Jon pursued his own interests in personal and spiritual growth with continual interest in multiple alternative health approaches and leading-edge ways with consciousness and change.  He is a recognised expert in Spiral Dynamics, the theory which finally satisfied his desire for a comprehensive explanation of human behaviour. He is an accredited trainer and founding Director of the UK Centre for Human Emergence.  Jon is also qualified as an SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coach and previously a trainer certified by Cindy Wigglesworth to train other SQ coaches.

Jon is lastly an enthusiastic writer and speaker.  His book “Conscious Capitalism” articulates the personal and systemic shifts that will be required for a healthy and sustainable monetary and economic future.  “The Science of Possibility:  Patterns of Connected Consciousness” completes a 30-year quest to present a comprehensive narrative that marries science and spirituality.  It is unique in its breadth of coverage, embracing biology, evolution, physics and cosmology, providing an evidence base for alternative and non-ordinary reality.  It offers a powerful and exciting vision of the potential for human existence rooted in both evidence and personal experience.

Jon’s SDi introduction can be accessed via Youtube .  More information on books can be found on www.spiralworld.net and links  are here to Jon’s consultancy work and an overview at www.jonfreeman.co.uk

For information on training and organisational work please contact directly via jon@jonfreeman.co.uk

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