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About Jon

I have been exploring alternative views of the world for several decades, ever since a psychic experience that revealed a massive gap in what I had been taught.  That was only the beginning of a very big journey of expanstion, that continues to this day.

I write because I want the world to know how much more is awaiting us, once we engage with all that is possible.  That motivation extends into teaching, training, corporate consultancy, coaching and mentoring.  We have never needed such shifts in mind-set as we do now. 

I am a leading trainer for Spiral Dynamics, whcih provided structural elements for the way that "The Science of Possibility" is shaped.  I am a developmental mentor, helping clients move past the personal blocks.  I am an organisational consultant opening up the paths to reshaping organisations as living systems that liberate the drive and intelligence of their people.  I produce personal development support products such as intuition development and parenting guidance.  More is on its way to help reshape our relationship with money, and with our intimate relationships.

These aspects of my work can be seen on other sites:-  (Developmental products and links to my other books)  (Consultancy) (Financial systems)

There is also a fuller llist of my articles and other contributions on the "Other Publications" page