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Return of the Blog

I have not blogged for a long time, and much of what I write has appeared in Spiral Dynamics groups instead.

It is time for that to change and I will write more here as we move into 2021.  My focus is as ever, for the world to change the way that it thinks about itself.

In the meantime I include here some old articles that I consider to be still relevant.   They are not all explicitly about consciousness.  But they are all about our mind-sets and how to change them in order to create new possibility.

What about .... Conscious Everything?

Conscious Capitalism, Conscious Business and Conscious Leadership

What about conscious everything?  Can you have conscious leadership without a conscious business, or conscious organisation?  Can you have conscious business in an unconscious society operating an unconscious capitalist system? 

A 12-step program for debtists

Our mind-sets about money are in a mess.  Here is a blog from 2015 about changing that.

Don't blame Capitalism

Maybe you have seen the film of Gandhi, where in one scene a curious reporter asks the dhoti-clad visitor “Mahatma, what do you think of Western Civilisation?”  After a suitable pause for consideration / effect comes the response “I think it would be an extremely good idea.”